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Novex is engaged in the business of giving public performance rights in sound recordings. Exploitation of sound recordings, which Novex rights, includes public performance in hotels, restaurants, lawns, discotheque, resorts, malls and other venues for communication to the public on a commercial basis of the following music labels:






M/s. ZEE Entertainment Enterprise Limited, M/s. Eros International Media Ltd. & M/s. Tips Industries Ltd. has assigned the public performance rights’ in the “sound recordings” of the songs contained in the Films which are part of the repertoire of ZEE in favour of Novex as its “Assignee” in accordance with Section 18 of the Copyright Act, 1957.

Further, M/s. Yash Raj Films Private Limited (“YRF”) has authorized Novex as its authorized agent to exploit public performance rights’ in the “sound recordings” of the songs contained in the Films which are part of the repertoire of YRF in accordance with Section 30 of the Act.

Music at all public places including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, discotheques, event companies, DJs, cinema halls, shows, malls, stores, shops, salon, parlors, marriage halls, jukeboxes, railway & bus stations, airport, motels, guest houses, banks, offices, amusement parks, pubs, private shows, exhibitions & any such other public area intending to communicate to the public in any matter whatsoever, any musical works, sound recordings, or any part thereof, in any format, in audio, visual and/or audio- visual media is required to obtain a rights from the duly authorized agent/Assignee.

Novex has extensive expertise and comprehensive capabilities to expertly manage distribution of copyrights and ensure only authorized performance of the content.

By obtaining rights and using genuine copies of the work, you are respecting copyright and thereby protecting the economic interest of the creator of the work and the industry that invested money in making it available to the public. This will discourage illegal making and distribution of works without rewarding the actual creators of the work. By respecting copyright you are joining hands with others to make India an economic power of the world.


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