Building Music Law Awareness – McDonald’s procures permission from Novex Communications to play music in their outlets

Wherever you go music follows you. Isn’t it? Be it a club, restaurant, mall, gym, anywhere and everywhere we go we swing to the tunes of music. We live in a world where we love music and can’t live without it.

Novex Communications has been doing its job of making all the brands aware of the laws while they play songs all day and night. Yes, any commercial property playing a certain kind of music is liable to procure a NOC from the authorized organizations. Novex has the rights of various labels like Yashraj Films, Tips Industries, Eros, Zee Music and Think Music. Recently, we have also tied-up with Red Ribbon Entertainment.

Recently the very famous fast food chain McDonald’s has made an initiative to make sure their outlets have the permission to play songs. McDonald’s is like a home for everyone from kids, to college students to families, everyone spends time there. Who doesn’t love burgers from McD? We all do. And knowingly or unknowingly we all sway to the music played there. We also celebrate birthdays at McD.
Therefore, Mcdonalds is now associated with Novex Communications and can play songs which fall under their rights without any stress. With this great initiative, Mcdonalds is now free from any lawful charges.
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