Calcutta Police lodged FIR against One Bottle Down for Copyright Infringement

Music is an art and we all should respect one’s effort of creating a masterpiece. Copyright Infringement can be a serious issue if you miss taking permissions to play the music in your commercial event. Law says that irrespective of you being aware or not, you will be held responsible for infringing someone’s rights if you are using any music track without procuring relevant rights and permissions.

Novex Communications had sent a legal notice to M/S ABNM Restaurant Private Limited, a registered company in Calcutta, its Director, Mr. ManashBorthakur and One Bottle Down for Copyright Infringement. This Notice was sent on 12th September 2018 for playing song from the stable of Music Labels associated with Novex Communications. M/S ABNM Restaurant Private Limited and its director did not comply to procure a mandatory permission by paying the royalty to use the song in their commercial establishment.

In the event of no response from the company or its director, Novex moved to the court in Calcutta. The Metropolitan Magistrate Court, after hearing out the application from Novex Communications on 10th October 2018 ordered O. C. Shakespeare Police Station to conduct a proper investigation for this complaint and take necessary action. Police conducted the investigation on the orders of the court and on the basis of the outcome lodged FIR against One Bottle Down for Copyright Infringement.

Novex Communications holds exclusive rights of Yash Raj Films, Zee Music Company, Tips Industries Limited and Eros International for public performance rights of sound recording. Hence it is important and necessary to procure the mandatory permission to play any such music in any commercial establishment for commercial purpose.

Using a song without proper permission is definitely a risky affair and you should avoid it in order to safeguard your larger interest. You can be sued and a complaint can be filed against you for Copyright Infringement under the Copyrights Act. Novex Communication takes regular steps towards spreading awareness about the Copyright Infringement laws. In recent past, it has been observed that most of the players in the Industry have already started including a fee for using music while planning any event.

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