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Welcome to Novex!

With a strong legacy of excellence, Novex Communications is ready to spearhead a new era.

Novex Communications is a well-known Public Performance Rights, Copyright, and Anti-Piracy brand. Novex has established a respectable reputation over the years, evidenced by its longstanding affiliation with names such as Yash Raj Films, Red Ribbon Entertainment, Think Music, Tips Industries Limited, and Kalamkaar Music Private Limited.

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Music Licensing Company

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Public Performance Rights

Novex is involved in licensing public performance rights for sound recordings.


The anti-piracy team at Novex takes security and proactive measures highly seriously.

key features

Easy License Application

Simplified application journey, ensuring a smooth experience.

Extensive Catalogue

A vast music catalogue with a diverse selection of tracks.

Legal Support

Our expertise in legal support ensures that the music rights are protected.

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