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Copyright Laws in India

Creators of dramatic, musical, literary, and creative works, as well as those who produce cinematographic films and sound recordings, are entitled to copyright under the law. In essence, it covers a range of rights, including slight changes in the rights composition based on the type of work, such as the right to reproduce, communicate to the public, adapt, and translate the work.

According to Section 51(a) of the Copyright Act, 1957, if someone violates any of the conditions outlined in the Act or the owner's exclusive right to do so, or if the owner of the copyright does anything that the Act does not permit, the owner of the copyright shall be entitled to any civil or criminal remedies that may be available to them for the infringement of their rights.

Remember: Copyright violations carry severe consequences, up to and including a fine of Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakh only) per song and a three-year imprisonment penalty.