Tamasha Pub of Lower Parel (Mumbai)in a Big Trouble – FIR registered for Copyright Infringement of Music

An FIR has been filed against Tamasha Pub in Lower Parel (Mumbai) on 16th Dec 2017, for copyright infringement based on a complaint registered by Novex Communications. The Pub was playing the songs which includeKala Chashma from the movie BaarBaarDekho, Laila Main Laila from the movie Raees and Nashe Si Chad gayi from the movie Befikrewithout paying for it — the rights of which were assigned to NovexCommunications by Zee Music&Yash Raj Films. The same company has filed FIRs against many such Pubs, Clubs, Five-Star Hotels, Resorts, and Malls as well.
Documents of Agreement between Novex Communications with Zee Music Co. and Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. were shared with the General Manager of Tamasha Pub on 1st May 2017. FIR was registered when the Tamasha Pub played copyrighted music without obtaining license from Novex Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Any establishment such as a Pubs, Hotel, Clubs, Convention, Banquet Hall, Mall and Gym etc., needs to take an authorization for using copyrighted music for events such as weddings receptions, sangeets, cocktail parties, award functions, get-togethers, birthday parties or any other events. Even the events organised by the government obtain necessary licenses since it is mandatory.
Novex is engaged in the business of licensing public performance rights in sound recordings. Exploitation of sound recordings, which Novex licenses, includes public performance in pubs, hotels, restaurants, lawns, discotheque, resorts, malls and other venues for communication to the public on a commercial basis of the following music labels:


Using or playing copyrighted music without a necessary license is infringing of copyrights, which is a criminal offence. Criminal FIR has already been registered against Tamasha Pub in Lower Parel (Mumbai) by Novex Communications due to their negligence. Event organisers must pay royalty to Novex Communications, which hold the rights for the use of copyrighted songs.

As the New Year is approaching, most of the Pubs, Clubs, Five-Star Hotels, Resorts and many other Event Organisers have hosted New Year Party across the Country. Novex Communications holds copyright of the top music tracks from the industry which includes Swag Se Swagaat, Zingaat, Laila Main Laila, Kala Chashma and many more. You can check the entire list here https://www.novex.in/song-list/

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